I am currently experimenting with printing on transparencies for future pieces/projects. This worked pretty much exactly how I intended; now to improve my patience with the process and start integrating the concept with my work instead of prints to hang in my apartment.


I made myself business cards because I work at a print center and I can.. (ugh I am gonna print so much stuff all the time I can feel it) also now I won’t have to awkwardly tell people my website url!


production line: one | done

This piece has been laying on the ground of my apartment for about a month, untouched. I’m finally feeling well enough to actually do things. It’s my one day off and I don’t have anything to do right now.. so I glued the final pieces in, reinstalled the glass, and hung it up. It’s not what I wanted it to be. It’s frustrated me to no end since the very beginning. I’m glad I finished it.

I’m not allowed to do this again; start things and let it pester me for months.

things that are going to happen;;

-Mortal gods: finalized gods’ designs; animated portraits.

-Face-A-Day: select days revisited + fully redone digitally + prints.

-Memoir comics / type design pieces.


I may be kind of working on slowly finalizing my lil’ bb mortal gods - shh

omfg I haven’t drawn Eli in so long HE IS SO CUTE (bottom right corner, ahhhh Lyons moon twin baby) I love them all don’t talk to me.

Alyce Lyons, Micah (he has a last name somewhere I just have to find it..), Keehgan Hein, Claire S., Landon?, Eli Lyons. There’s something like six more of them.. ugh.


I forgot about this Alyce doodle I did yesterday. Whoooops..

I originally started sketching this with a completely different concept (that I still intend on fulfilling) of my obscene collection of bb gods in mind…

I’ve been listening to singing along to the song 3005 by Childish Gambino a lot.

You guys deserve to know too;;


I got a banana sweater today. TAKE THAT LIFE, I’m winning this battle. I also got a perfect skirt. Slowly but surely my wardrobe is becoming nothing but bananas and skirts (oh and superheroes.. duh).. it’s quite easy to convincingly illustrate me in comics.. Throw a banana or superhero on a shirt tucked into a high waist skirt and BAM! it’s me.

Speed painting my ocs because I’m uninspired but have nothing to do but beat up my characters.

Bored and pulling together little ideas I have floating around, most of these digital doodles will be taken to all sorts of levels in the future.. But for now… | quote from this post (x).