Double #inktober cuz I suck and missed yesterday WHOOPS

Every once in a while I revisit my favorite twins, Apollo & Artemis! My precious bb gods are my forever babes. One day I’ll illustrate all of them in my updated modern style.. With my very own gods. *^* one day okay

These are my favorite types of drawings to do and I hardly do them anymore wth

double dutching: inktober & weekly drawing prompt with SpaghEddie.

I used the idea on a FAD a long time ago. I decided it was time to take it to a new level!


For the record, hair products are my least favorite to receive. They seriously make my hair… too soft. Yeah, you heard me.

(x) (x)


Week one challenge: Capcom ft. friend boy & myself

Eddie (friend boy) came up with a weekly challenge for he and I to partake in. Each Sunday we shall take turns in choosing the topic. We have until the following Saturday to create a piece based on that topic. This time round was apparently a fluke because I chose the topic that Colin mentioned, Capcom. I have to choose (again) for this next week. (I am terrible and anxiety ridden about choosing topics for anything. Especially drawing okay.)

this week’s theme is Post Apocalyptic Teams: two or more characters in a post apocalyptic setting, they can be preexisting characters or of our own creation. I’m p excited.


I think I’m gonna do a fashion illustration for my favorite outfit(s) per episode of Project Runway.

I’m pulling reference now but I probably won’t start them until Friday~ After these first few episodes, I’ll try and keep them on track every week(:

this is fucking weird and I’m sorry

BUT HEY day two of this: 30 day animated illustration challenge is “someone you like (celebrity, significant other, or crush)

I should just have gone with Benedict or Blagden and made it less weird/personal.

I decided I’d make myself do this little 30 day animated illustration challenge. (but it won’t be consecutive - whoop)

I need to be doing art things and animated illustrations are something I need to be doing more often and improve on..


Day one: yourself or your persona.

I borrow coffee sleeves, draw on them, and return them. #travelingmagicianillo #coffeepeople #yo



I need to do some serious figure studies soon. Daaang

some days are quite simply binge-watch-adventure-time-and-draw-all-the-characters days.

the coffee may be awful and consistently super burnt, but heyo they pay me to draw whatever I want on all our lil’ chalkboards..


I’m actually kind of lame.

I am now down to only working five days a week [freaking bless], so more comics.. more art. I just want to maybe establish my style a little further, show some improvement, and make some serious work! Two whole days off coupled with a scanner and a brand new giant work table… I figure, that all should be fairly easy to accomplish.