I borrow coffee sleeves, draw on them, and return them. #travelingmagicianillo #coffeepeople #yo



I need to do some serious figure studies soon. Daaang

some days are quite simply binge-watch-adventure-time-and-draw-all-the-characters days.

the coffee may be awful and consistently super burnt, but heyo they pay me to draw whatever I want on all our lil’ chalkboards..


I’m actually kind of lame.

I am now down to only working five days a week [freaking bless], so more comics.. more art. I just want to maybe establish my style a little further, show some improvement, and make some serious work! Two whole days off coupled with a scanner and a brand new giant work table… I figure, that all should be fairly easy to accomplish.


who needs friends when you have inactive followers

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I clean my apartment on my rare days off. Have a semi-shelfie of my art supplies.


I s2g the only things I’m working on rn are not #coffee lyfe related.


Adventures in sbuxland. #coffee #art #4evr

I’m not a real barista, but I get to draw on stuff sometimes.


#comics #ugh

I ordered myself a scanner and I made a little comic today, so it’s been a pretty decent day~